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  • Compact digital mixer with scalable, remote I/O

  • Systems from 4 to 44 mics

  • Easy to use, quick to access, analogue style interface

  • 20 faders, 4 layers, 80 channel strips in a freely customizable layout

  • dSNAKE Cat5 digital snake

  • 8.4 inch colour touchscreen

  • 48 Input Channels into 30 assignable buses into 20 Mix Output

  • 8 stereo RackFX engines with dedicated FX returns

  • 16 DCAs / mute groups

  • 10 user assignable SoftKeys

  • Dante, Waves SG, MADI, EtherSound and ACE options for FoH / Monitor split, multitrack recording and more

  • AMM Automatic Mic Mixing



Allen and Heath GLD80



GLD is a comprehensive digital mixing ecosystem that marries our passion for audio quality with a beautifully elegant workflow. GLD has earned its stripes on rock tours, at iconic venues, in houses of worship and at flagship sporting events across the globe. Now in a new GLD Chrome Edition, with sleek new styling, Automatic Mic Mixing, new embedded plugin FX and new compressor models on all channels.

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