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  • System type: Active – 2 way

  • Built-in amp (W/EIAJ): 300W (250W LF + 50W HF)

  • Input impedance: 10KOhm

  • Coverage angle: 80°x60° (HxV)

  • Frequency response: 65-18.000Hz (±3dB)

  • Low frequency: 10” woofer / 2,6” coil

  • High frequency: 1” driver / 1.3” coil

  • Input sensitivity: -2dBu (0,6Vrms) adjustable

  • Max. SPL-Cont./Peak: 116/122dB (Free Field)

  • Crossover frequency: 2500Hz

  • User controls: mic, line

  • Protection: fast limiter, temp

  • Trapezoidal taper: 60°

  • Input connections: XLR in/out; VDE in

  • Weight: 20,5kg

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 475x740x400mm



DAD Live 10a



Reproduction of voice and music for live and recorded performances.
For portable PA systems, mobile DJ sets and voice/multimedia applications. For sound installations in small to medium-sized environments. Mid-high unit in multi-amplified sound systems combined with DAD subwoofers. Stage-monitor.

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