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  • Channel 38 (606 - 678 MHz)

  • Power supply (DC-coupled): 10–18 V DC/50 mA, powered via antenna cable (max. 200 mA); centre contact +

  • Power supply: via antenna cable from ASA 214

  • Gain:  approx. 12 dB

  • Connections:  BNC

  • Antenna Gain:  7 dB typical (on axis)

  • Power Consumption:  UA870 (WB-12Vdc)

  • Reception Pattern:  Cardioid 3dB Beam Width: 100 degrees

  • Weight:  500g (1x antenna + 1x booster)



Sennheiser A2003 Directional Antenna Kit



Extend your reach with the Sennheiser directional antenna kit, consisting of 2x A2003 directional antenna and 2x AB 4 antenna boosters  to add +12dB of boost to compensate for signal losses created by long antenna cable runs.

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