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Electrical Inspection and Testing

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Established in 2000

With years of experience in the professional industry - as well as working in schools and other educational environments - we understand the need for high quality, reliable equipment whilst also working to a budget. 

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Kingston College, West London
Kingston College contacted us when they lost control of one of their Zero88 Chilli Dimmers. We quickly diagnosed the issue as being a failed keypad, and ordered a replacement. Within a matter of days, the part had been replaced, the internals had been cleaned and tested, and the unit returned to full working order.
To prevent a failure of the college's other Dimmer, we serviced the internals and replaced the Mk1 keypad with a new, up to date Mk3 keypad.
It was especially important in this situation to ensure a quick turnaround, to prevent disruption to the college's day to day activities and upcoming performances.
Simon and Fi's Wedding
For this spectacular wedding in a picturesque village in Somerset, we provided a full architectural lighting package and ran sound and lighting for the live band.
Our Pixelstorm Hex battens performed amazingly as face light for the musicians, and illuminated the dance floor in a deep blue and magenta in line with the wedding's colour theme.
Chesham Grammar School
Chesham Grammar School bought us in for their first major show in a long time; Grease. Less than a year later, we were back - this time to install a new sound system into the venue before the next show - only a few weeks later. We installed a custom Speacon Patch using 
nothing but the best - Neutrik connectors and Van Damme Cable. We also spec'd 8 EM Accoustics EM51s, and 4 DAD ARK208SP Subs, which are powered by 3 Lab Gruppen IPD2400 Amps. Also now in their rack are two Sennheiser G4 series systems, and a wireless gooseneck mic on their lecturn. 
It is a perfect setup for all their assemblies, lectures and smaller events.
Torr Vale Mill,
New Mills, Cheshire
Torr Vale Mill required us to convert a single floor of the Grade 2 Star listed building into an events floor, capable of hosting weddings and events. With 3,500 square foot of space, no mains electricity; working in sub zero temperatures, the space had to be transformed in less than 6 months. This floor alone contains over 100 LED PARs, 60 150w floods, 100 festoon lights, 400m of DMX, 45 double 13a sockets and 2,500m TRS.
The renovation of the rest of the mill is still ongoing...
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The Exchange,
The Exchange wanted an arrangement which allows them to replace equipment quickly should it fail, but also re-design their rig each season to suit upcoming performances at the venue.
We work with the venue technicians to design 4 rigs a year, and supply the necessary kit and services to make it happen. What's also important is that we are on hand all year round to assist with changes, additions or repairs whenever they're needed.
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