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  • 48kHz

  • 16 Mic Preamps

  • 8 XLR Line Outs

  • Expander port for daisy-chaining of 2 AB168 Expanders or connection ME personal mixers

  • Optional 19-inch rack mount kit available

  • Compatible with CAT5e (or higher) cables of up to 100m

  • Rubber bumpers

  • Carry handle



Allen and Heath AB1608



AB168 is a 48kHz portable remote AudioRack for use with Qu, Avantis and SQ mixers, and with the AHM-64 audio matrix processor.

Featuring 16 mic preamps with Phantom Power indicators and 8 XLR line outs, AB168 runs on Allen & Heath’s proprietary dSNAKE protocol.

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