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Video Production

Equipt with cinema grade, popular streaming service approved equipment, we produce anything from short form marketing materials to multi-camera productions and everything in between. We offer a comprehensive video production service, from design to post-production and delivery.

Graphics and Special Effects

Our team can produce a range of VFX and animations for your project. From animated maps to gun shot muzzle flashes, these extra touches can help bring realism to your project, or help demonstrate your point.


Alongside video, we offer on location sound recording with industry standard equipment. This includes boom mics, radio mics or a mixture of both to ensure you always have redundancy with your recorded sound. For voice overs and ADR, we suggest booking our recording booth situated in our Aylesbury office. We also offer audio editing services as part of the post-production process.


We use a range of professional lighting fixtures in our productions. Not only general lighting but practical fixtures aswell; able to screw into a household lamp or florescent fittings to give you exciting effects on screen. We stock both LED WW/CW and colour changing fixtures, aswell as tungsten fixtures depending on the application, location and power availability.

Filming for Theatre

With our extensive background in theatre, we understand the unique demands filming for the stage has to offer. Whether the aim is to archive or livestream, we work with the production team to capture and produce visually stunning digital content.

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