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  • Channels 22

  • Soundcraft® Ghost Preamps 16

  • Soundcraft® Sapphyre EQ 4-band (2 bands of swept mids)

  • dbx® Limiters on inputs 8

  • Lexicon® Effects Dual Engine

  • USB Interface 24-in/22-out

  • Auxes 5

  • Subgroups 4 mono/2 stereo

  • Faders 100mm



Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK



The Soundcraft Signature 22MTK incorporate Soundcraft’s iconic Ghost mic preamps, directly drawn from the company’s top-of-the-line professional consoles, to deliver extraordinary audio quality with high headroom, wide dynamic range and exceptional resolution and clarity with a superb signal to noise ratio. They employ Soundcraft’s Sapphyre Assymetric EQ for perfectly equalizing every vocal and instrumental element in a mix with the unmistakable musicality inherent in every Soundcraft console, plus the GB Series audio routing technology famous in thousands of live venues worldwide.

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