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- 3 x 1/3W warm white LEDs
- Beam angle: 35°

- 3W Version: 420 Lux @ 2m
- 9W Version: 952 Lux @ 2m
- Hydralock power input/output linkable trailing connections (75cm)
- 7mm° mounting hole
- Convection cooled
- Hydralock power cable not included



LEDJ Aspect WW Exterior Feature Light



This stylish, compact feature light has 3 x 1/3W LEDs that produce a bright beam of light to illuminate and highlight outdoor areas including gardens, paths, foliage and facades. This IP65 rated fixture comes in a die-cast alloy housing and has a Hydralock 0.75m power input/output linkable trailing connections for professional installation.

  • 3W

  • 9W

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