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- 12 x 12W six-colour LEDs (RGBWAUV)
- Beam angle: 40°
- 3,381 Lux @ 2m (full on)
- 3kHz refresh rate
- Pixel mapping capabilities
- DMX channels: 3/4/6/8/11/72 or 77 selectable
- Static colour, colour mix, colour change, colour fade, sound active and master/slave modes plus built-in programs
- 0 - 100% dimming and variable strobe
- End brackets and central bracket allow for multiple rigging and floor standing applications
- Eyebrow supplied to reduce glare and hide the LEDs when uplighting
- 4 push button menu with LCD display
- PowerCON input/output
- 3-Pin XLR input/output
- 5-Pin XLR input/output
- Temperature controlled fan for whisper quiet operation



LEDJ Pixel Storm 12 Hex Batten



Featuring 12 x 12W RGBWAUV LEDs, the Pixel Storm 12 HEX provides an intense output for colour, white or blacklight applications. Individual pixel mapping of each LED, along with electronic dimming, strobe and colour change effects, gives users the ability to create stunning effects. Control is facilitated via a 4 button LED menu on the rear of the unit.

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