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- Single universe DMX transmitter/receiver
- W-DMX G6™ Protocol – Backward compatible with G3, G4, G4S and G5
- High-speed frequency hopping - 1800 times per second
- Mount in any location on set, scenery or truss
- Battery compartment
- 4 x AAA batteries – up to 8 hours battery life
- Invisi-wire high-fidelity technology - Output matches input
- Datasafe technology - Wireless fidelity and error correction
- Less than 5ms latency
- Full DMX 512 support
- One-button-to-go technology for ease of use
- Adaptive frequency hopping radio
- 2.4GHz radio – License free worldwide
- 5V USB 2.0 Micro B charging input (international power supply included)
- Bluetooth enabled for the W-DMX™ Configurator App
- Compatible with all W-DMX OEM products
- CRMX compatibility (additional CRMX upgrade must be purchased)
- Kensington security slot



W-DMX Micro F-1 G5



The W-DMX Micro F-1 G6™ Transceiver is a compact unit capable of transmitting DMX and RDM data, patent-pending AFHSS technology ensures that your DMX or RDM control signal reaches its destination.

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