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  • Single Phase: 60A 1 phase 2 wire 230v (255v max phase to neutral). Earth leakage less than 1mA.


  • Max Operating Temperature: 40º C Ambient

  • Size: 

  • Free Standing: 447 x 177 x 195mm  (17.5 x 7 x 7.7 inches)

  • Rack Mounted: 483 x 177 x 195mm  (19 x 7 x 7.7 inches) 

  • Net Weight: 8 kg (17.6lbs)


  • 5 Pn DMX In and Out

  • Variable Pre-Heat and Test Buttons



Zero88 Betapack II Case



The Zero 88 Betapack 2 range of dimmer packs are 4U high professional six channel power controllers capable of driving up to 10 Amps of lighting loads per channel. Channel protection via breakers or fuses. Lighting loads may be resistive or inductive and include tungsten, transformer driven low voltage (eg. pinspots), and quartz halogen. Some highly inductive loads such as neon may require the preheat setting to be adjusted to give smooth control.

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