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  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

  • Frequency Response: Tailored

  • Sensitivity: -48.50 dBV/Pa – 3.80 mV/Pa

  • Equivalent Selfnoise: 29,5 dB(A)

  • Sound Pressure: 155 dB dB

  • Transducer Type: Condenser

  • Polar Pattern: Halfcardioid

  • Switchable low cut: No

  • Connectors: XLR

  • Attenuator: No

  • Interchangeable Capsule: No

  • Main Functionality: Performance

  • Headphone Output: No

  • Requires Phantom Power: 11 - 52 VDC

  • Cartridge: Fixed

Physical & Dimensions

  • Weight: 470 g



Shure Beta 91A



The Beta 91A is optimised for kick drums, as well as traditional low end applications including piano. It uses a half-cardioid condenser boundary microphone with an integrated XLR preamplifier that is tailored for a strong low-end response. It has a two-position contour switch for optimised sound signature depending on application.

The primary use of the Beta 91A is kick drums. It can also be used for other low frequency applications including piano.

The Beta 91A is a half cardioid condenser boundary microphone. You can expect a strong low end response as it is specifically tailored for bass frequency applications, and superior attack and punch for studio quality sound even at extremely high sound pressure levels (SPL).

The Beta 91A features a new and updated microphone capsule. The new capsule will result in a more natural high frequency response than the Beta 91.

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